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Suggested Retail Price:$2,780.00 Tacori Sculpted Crescent 104-7 product image
Suggested Retail Price:$2,420.00 Tacori Sculpted Crescent 107-7B product image
Suggested Retail Price:$5,020.00 Tacori Ribbon HT2528B product image

Tacori Ribbon HT2528B

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$6,290.00 Tacori RoyalT HT2604B product image
Suggested Retail Price:$9,990.00 Tacori RoyalT HT2605B product image
Suggested Retail Price:$8,690.00 Tacori RoyalT HT2607B product image

Tacori RoyalT HT2607B

18K Yellow Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$2,800.00 Tacori Simply Tacori 2522 product image

Tacori Simply Tacori 2522

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$1,410.00 Tacori Simply Tacori 2523 product image

Tacori Simply Tacori 2523

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$2,660.00 Tacori Simply Tacori 2550 product image

Tacori Simply Tacori 2550

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$3,010.00 Tacori Simply Tacori 2553 product image
Suggested Retail Price:$2,340.00 Tacori Simply Tacori 2554 product image

Tacori Simply Tacori 2554

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$3,390.00 Tacori Simply Tacori 2520ET product image
Suggested Retail Price:$2,650.00 Tacori Ribbon 2526ETML product image

Tacori Ribbon 2526ETML

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$2,940.00 Tacori Simply Tacori 2556PR product image
Suggested Retail Price:$1,890.00 Tacori Ribbon 2565B-1 product image

Tacori Ribbon 2565B-1

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$1,600.00 Tacori Ribbon 2573MDB product image

Tacori Ribbon 2573MDB

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$2,200.00 Tacori Simply Tacori 2576B-1 product image
Suggested Retail Price:$5,810.00 Tacori Classic Crescent 2578B product image
Suggested Retail Price:$9,850.00 Tacori Classic Crescent 2582B product image
Suggested Retail Price:$4,900.00 Tacori Classic Crescent 2598B12X product image
Suggested Retail Price:$4,180.00 Tacori Dantela 2630BLG product image

Tacori Dantela 2630BLG

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$4,330.00 Tacori Dantela 2630BLGP product image

Tacori Dantela 2630BLGP

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$3,300.00 Tacori Dantela 2630BMD product image

Tacori Dantela 2630BMD

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$2,510.00 Tacori Dantela 2630BMDP12 product image

Tacori Dantela 2630BMDP12

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$2,960.00 Tacori Dantela 2630BSM product image

Tacori Dantela 2630BSM

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$3,180.00 Tacori Dantela 2630BSMP product image

Tacori Dantela 2630BSMP

18K White Gold
Suggested Retail Price:$6,770.00 Tacori Simply Tacori 2636BPRLG product image
Suggested Retail Price:$2,900.00 Tacori Sculpted Crescent 41-15ET product image
Suggested Retail Price:$7,700.00 Tacori Sculpted Crescent 41-3ET product image

Items per page

3551 Products Found (119 Pages)

Wedding bands are perfect circles because they have no beginning and no end, just like love. A representation of your lifelong commitment together, the wedding bands you buy at our shop in Warren, Ohio, are meant to last forever. They bind you together, make your wedding special, and provide a symbolic representation of your commitment.

Your wedding bands will be worn every day. You will see them on your hand for the rest of your life, so of course you’ll want the bands to reflect your personality and sense of style so you'll enjoy looking at them forever. Wedding bands should also be comfortable enough to be worn every day, all day.

At Thom Duma Fine Jewelers, we’re proud to be the destination of choice in Mahoning Valley for couples looking for wedding bands. We've helped many couples find the perfect wedding bands for their weddings. We have rings from top designers including Tacori, David Yurman, Endless Design, and Crown Ring. We’ve even designed some wedding rings.

If you're making a lifetime commitment, choose the right ring to represent your love. Visit us at Thom Duma Fine Jewelers to browse our large selection of bands, styles and designers. We can help you find the right wedding ring to celebrate your love together. We’re proud to serve customers in Boardman, Poland, Canfield and surrounding areas from our store in Warren.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Wedding Band

At Thom Duma Fine Jewelers, we believe finding the right ring starts with customer service. We can help you understand the differences between:

We can help you determine how to find the right style, fit and shape for you and your partner. We can help you try on the wedding bands until you find one that reflects your commitment together.

If you're shopping for rings, you may want engravings for your wedding band. They're quite popular in this region. If you want to commemorate your wedding with a timeless quote, our jewelers can ensure you get one to fit on your wedding ring in the right font and on time for the big day.

Your big day is a celebration of love. With an elegant wedding band from Thom Duma Fine Jewelers, your day can be even more special, because you'll have the ring you need to celebrate your love for eternity.

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