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Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

The wedding band finish determines the overall appearance of a man’s wedding ring, and should be chosen with care to who you are. Your everyday fashion, lifestyle, and activity level are important factors to consider when you make your selection among the wide variety of options available. Polish and textures can vary across designs fit to your preference, and can drastically change the ring’s style. Our overview of characteristics of each finish provides you with an introduction to some you may choose from at Thom Duma Fine Jewelers.

Polished Finish

A polished finish produces a lustrous shine through reflection on the sleek surface, and this classic yet refined look has been the most popular choice for years. It is recommended to use tungsten for a polished finish because it is far more resistant to scratches that can be noticeable on the surface on a polished band. Polished finished wedding bands are perfect for the modern patriarch.


Satin Finish

A very popular alternative that maintains the shine of a polished finish while diminishing the reflection is a satin finish. The smoother surface of the satin is more subtle, but looks equally incredible in a wedding band. Less transparency in a satin finish adds some dimension to the style, appearing more solid in color. Satin finish wedding bands are perfect for the deep thinker.

Matte Finish

For those who are attracted to the more understated style of the satin finish but prefer a more opaque finish, matte finishes are a favored selection. Matte finishes give the wedding band a velvety appearance with extremely subtle variance in the reflection. The color of a matte finish band is uniform with the metal looking pure and uninterrupted.


Brushed Finish

A brushed finish is one of the options that truly stands out from the rest. Brush-mark texturing on the surface of the ring causes the eye to linger, and communicates the confidence and uniqueness of the husband wearing it. This finish is very popular for its longevity; it is impossible to discern most scratch marks or imperfections on its surface. Brushed finish bands are a good choice for the man who wants to make a statement.

Hammered Finish

A hammered finish showcases the appearance of hammer-mark divots but does not feel as textured as it appears. A satin finish layered on top of the hammer marks smooth the texture without adding excessive shine. This finish is also unique because the method in which each designer applies the hammering before the secondary satin finish can cause it to appear different than another designer’s hammered finish. For men who like the aesthetic of texture joined with refinement, hammered finished bands are an excellent choice.

Sandblasted Finish

Some men prefer for the texture in their band’s finish to be both seen and felt, and gravitate to the sandblasted finish. Known for its grainy appearance, sand-blasted finish rings are very rugged and masculine, and evoke imagery of the adventure of the outdoors. Similar to the brushed finish, sandblasted finishes hide scratches very well and thus endure life with you through the years.


Find Your Wedding Band at Thom Duma Fine Jewelers

Finding the wedding band that is right for you is both a momentous and challenging decision, but our experts at Thom Duma Fine Jewelers are here to help. Our family has built a legacy of almost three quarters of a century running our renowned showroom, building our name on the value of service to every single person who walks through our door. We also carry the beautiful collections of Michael M, David Yurman, Shinola, and many others. Come in today to our Warren showroom, located conveniently in the Mahoning Valley.