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2022 Timepiece Trends

December 20th, 2021

timepiece trends in 2022

Every year kicks off with the eschewing of the latest trends and the most recent greatest, whatever those may be. This is true when it comes to the New Year’s watch trends. Since this year has gone by so fast, it may be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing watch landscape. This guide put together by our timepiece experts will predict the hottest styles of watches to wear in 2022.

Bronze is the New Gold

While gold may always be fashionable, bronze is taking off. This material is hot as the day it was forged with designers experimenting with the metal in new and exciting ways. Bronze watches are durable, robust, and have a retro style.

Unlike most other materials, bronze changes over time. After being exposed to oxygen, it develops a green sheen, eventually changing color entirely if not routinely cared for and polished. Think of the Statue of Liberty.

man leaning on car with watch

Old New Year Watch Trends Made New

Vintage and retro watches are making a comeback. These classic styles have become trendy and do not look like they will be losing popularity any time soon. These vintage-inspired watches are becoming close to a mainstay of timepieces. These watches are especially taking inspiration from the ‘90s.

There appears to be a movement through the timepiece industry to embrace the old and present them as new. Whether it be older materials or retro-inspiration, watchmakers are releasing all kinds of beautiful pieces evoking echoes of the past.

Not Like Your Parent’s Watches

While watches are often marketed towards one gender or another, designers have been breaking from the confines of what makes a man’s watch a man’s watch and vice versa. Men are starting to wear thinner watches imbued with small gems, while women are wearing thicker, bolder timepieces.

For any timepiece enthusiast, this is great. Designers will be able to experiment with watches in new ways and people will have more choices than before. The future looks bright with possibilities.

Every Color of the Rainbow

Leave that black and white minimalist watch behind and wear a blue-green-red-pink-purple maximalist piece. These rainbow watches are sure to impress and dazzle with unconventional colors. For example, there are pieces that use pastel leathers and precious metals to add flare to a watch, as well as some that flash unusually colored gems to make a loud and opulent statement.

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