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5 Statement Pieces For Your Next Video Call

March 16th, 2021

video call jewelry

So much of our personality comes out when we are subjected to different situations and places. The meeting room, a romantic restaurant, a birthday event space, the grocery store, and so on. Being in the same room every time we take a video call can damper our personality and room for expression. During this time, it’s important that we do whatever we safely can to feel like our true selves. Our solution? Don fashion jewelry to emphasize or reignite your personality. Learn which styles fit your personality below!

The Creative Fashionista

Long drop earrings create intrigue and even admiration. Enhance the charm of your drop earrings with diamond accents. Long drop earrings are ideal for creative personalities because they leave ample space to show off your seasoned style.

The Bold Type

Geometric fashion jewelry stands out regardless of its size. This is perfect for video chats and your bold personality. Choose a pair with diamonds for extra shine.

The bold personality type is drawn to geometric jewelry. The nature of these shapes emits an inherently dynamic appeal. Imposing squares, sloping triangles—their crisp, clean edges stand out against the human form. Our bodies curve and wander in a way that geometric shapes do not.

meeting virtually jewelry

The Eclectic Personality

Rainbow hues are eye-catching and adventurous. A combination of bright or strange colors is an ideal way to highlight your style sensibilities and personality.

Rainbow hue jewelry is eclectic, just like you! It’s daring enough to put non-analogous colors together for an unexpectedly beautiful result. To emphasize the eclectic feel, wear rainbow hue gemstones that are crafted into mixed metals.

The Polished Princess

Icon jewelry is distinct and expressive of your likes and loves. Incorporating this style is an easy way to start a conversation with new people on a video chat. Show off your style and personality: check and check!

Pair a short icon necklace with diamond stud earrings. Icon jewelry is well paired with the polished personality type. Stick to icons made with smooth to the touch metals, gemstones, and other materials for a truly polished and put together look!

businesswoman jewelry

The Daring Type

Layered hoops are unmissable. Grab a pair of these earrings and you’re set for your next video call. Layered hoops match well with a daring personality because of their striking appearance and size.

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