A Grand Gesture of Love: Diamond Anniversary Bands

August 15th, 2021

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Honoring years of marriage with an anniversary ring is a romantic gesture and a great way to keep the spark alive. If you want to commemorate the special day where you vowed to love your partner endlessly, why not slip another ring on her finger to remind her of the first time? Whether it's your first anniversary or a milestone moment, we have a list of styles that will blow her away.

What Is An Anniversary Band’

Let's start with the ring itself. An anniversary ring represents an important moment in time and usually features radiant diamonds or vibrant gemstones. Typically, different rings with distinct accents are gifted on particular anniversaries, like diamond bands for the 10th year.

Ultimately, there are no rules to follow when it comes to expressing your love. Whether you want something simple or elaborate, an anniversary band is meant to be a token of love, sincerity and gratitude.

Check out these 7 incredible anniversary bands to surprise your wife with a new forever ring.

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1. Diamond Anniversary Bands

Diamonds are forever and they make an excellent addition to any band. Generally, the 10 year anniversary is the diamond year, but we recommend diamonds for any anniversary. From delicate diamond details to large cut stones, the options vary to find a diamond band that speaks to your love story.

If you're looking for a regal and elegant variety of wedding bands featuring luminous diamonds, explore TACORI’s RoyalT collection for remarkable bands crafted with hidden details.

2. Sapphire Anniversary Bands

When you think of sapphires you think of royal blue, but did you know that these precious gemstones can come in a range of colors including pink, green, orange, yellow, purple, black, and colorless? While traditionally the 5 year wedding anniversary celebrates with sapphire, any bride who loves color will be drawn to a sapphire band.

TACORI is known for their brilliant take on gemstone bands, and this magnificent Sculpted Crescent sapphire anniversary band is sleek, stackable, and deeply hued. Crafted from 18k white gold, the wedding band features mesmerizing round sapphires set eternity-style.

3. Ruby Anniversary Bands

Rubies are synonymous with love and passion. What better way to celebrate your 15th anniversary, than with a regal ruby anniversary band. We recommend you pair the rubies with a rose or yellow gold band to truly make them pop.

Your loved one will jump with joy when you present them with this 18k yellow gold, ruby anniversary ring. The gemstones are alluring and delicately encased in a warm gold shapely silhouette.

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4. Gold Anniversary Bands

For the first year anniversary, gift your partner a classic gold stacking band. Choose from a soft, blush rose gold or a bright yellow gold hue depending on the other rings in your partner’s bridal set.

Check out the Hearts On Fire beaded band featuring inspired detailing and unexpected shapes that can add complexity and nuance to your partner’s ring stack. Available in all golden tones, this band is versatile and stunning in every shade.

5. Five Stone Anniversary Bands

Honor the number of years you've been married by getting a ring with the same number of diamonds. For instance, a five-year anniversary can be represented with a five-stone band. Explore Gabriel & Co.’s remarkable anniversary bands like this marquise white gold halo ring. Its scalloped frame adds depth and beauty to any anniversary collection.

6. Infinity Anniversary Bands

Till death do us part. An infinity wedding band illustrates an intertwining design that resembles the infinity symbol, representing your never-ending love. If you want a bold and elegant piece to share with your partner, explore Verragio’s Insignia wedding band featuring round brilliant-cut diamonds pavé-set on a twisted shank, beautifully paired with Verragio’s classic and signature crest beading.

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7. Nested Rings

Nesting bands are wonderful additions to any engagement ring or anniversary stack. Usually featuring a curved design, the arched shape allows the band to literally nest around your engagement ring. This style highlights the engagement ring and commands attention.

Give your beloved an unconventional wedding band like this curved diamond anniversary band from Gabriel & Co. Its graceful curved shape can hug the silhouette of your engagement ring to create a seamless appearance and a tiara-like effect.

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