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Finding Your Sparkle: A Guide to Selecting the Ideal Diamond Shape

August 15th, 2023

a group of diamonds, each featuring a different cut, on a light gray background.

When it comes to choosing a diamond, finding the perfect shape is an essential step in creating a piece of jewelry that truly reflects your style and personality. The shape of a diamond determines its physical appearance but the cut of a diamond plays a significant role in how it reflects light and sparkles. Each shape of diamond is cut on a graded scale, and that helps determine the quality of the diamond. The shape, however, is the recognizable aspect most people immediately notice about diamonds. From classic rounds to the striking princess, each diamond shape possesses its own unique allure and charm. Whether you prefer a timeless and traditional look or seek a more modern and unconventional aesthetic, understanding the characteristics of different diamond shapes is key to finding your perfect match.

a white gold round cut engagement ring featuring side stones and a tapered band

Round Cut Diamonds

Renowned for its timeless elegance, the round cut is exceptionally brilliant. With its symmetrical shape and 58 facets, it maximizes light reflection, resulting in unparalleled sparkle. As the most popular diamond shape, it offers versatility and pairs well with a variety of settings, making it a classic choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry pieces.

A bride who appreciates beauty that outlasts ever-changing trends is a perfect candidate for a round cut ring. She is traditional yet sophisticated, seeking a symbol of enduring love and lasting style. This round cut diamond ring by Hearts On Fire, for instance, would complement her refined taste, its timeless appeal resonating with her sense of tradition and grace.

a rose gold engagement ring featuring side stones and a princess cut center stone

Princess Cut Diamonds

Meanwhile, princess cut diamonds are renowned for their modern and distinctive appeal. With a square or rectangular shape and pointed corners, this shape combines the brilliance of a round cut with a contemporary edge also evident in emerald shaped diamonds. The princess cut showcases excellent light reflection, resulting in a dazzling display of sparkle.

The type of woman who would prefer a princess cut diamond in her engagement ring is someone with a contemporary and bold sense of style. She appreciates modern design elements and seeks a unique and eye-catching look. This Coastal Crescent ring from TACORI is an enchanting option for the modern bride, complete with an eye-catching rose gold setting. Confident and fashion-forward, she embraces individuality and desires a ring that reflects her distinctive personality.

a white gold oval cut engagement ring in a halo setting fitted with both round and baguette cut diamonds

Oval Cut Diamonds

Brilliantly sparkling, oval cut diamonds are characterized by their elongated shape. With their symmetrical design and elongated proportions, they create an illusion of longer, slenderer fingers when used as an engagement ring’s center stone. A gently sloping silhouette creates a feminine and romantic air that isn’t found in other diamond cuts.

The oval cut diamond is ideally suited for beauty who appreciate a balance between classic and modern styles. This exquisite white gold oval ring featuring additional round and baguette side stones is a phenomenal example. Its center stone’s elongated shape would flatter a variety of hand sizes and shapes, making it a versatile choice for any wearer.

a silver TACORI engagement ring featuring side stones and a prong set emerald cut center stone

Emerald Cut Diamonds

One of the rarest diamond shapes, the emerald cut is characterized by its rectangular shape and step-cut facets, which create a distinct hall-of-mirrors effect. Known for clean lines and understated elegance, emerald cut diamonds exhibit exceptional clarity and transparency. With their elongated silhouette, emerald cuts offer a unique and sophisticated look that is highly sought after, making them a rare and exquisite choice for those seeking a truly distinctive diamond.

The free-spirited fiancee who appreciates a regal aesthetic would certainly adore this cut. It appeals to those with a discerning taste and an affinity for sleek lines and understated refinement. We’re particular fans of this distinct and dramatic emerald cut ring by TACORI that is a perfect example of this form.

a rose gold halo ring featuring a pear shaped center stone and side stones

Pear Shaped Diamonds

Also known as teardrop diamonds, pear shaped diamonds possess a unique and elegant allure. Combining the best of round and marquise cuts, they feature a rounded end and a tapered point. This versatile shape offers a balance of classic and contemporary styles, making it ideal for those seeking a distinctive and graceful diamond option.

The pear-shaped diamond is perfect for the woman who embraces individuality and enjoys making a bold statement. This rose gold ring from Gabriel & Co., for instance, is romantic and whimsical, yet stands out due to its center stone’s unique shape.

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