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The Stunning New World of Lab Grown Diamonds

May 20th, 2021

lab grown diamonds

Diamonds are one of nature’s most exceptional treasures. However, not everyone wants an engagement ring featuring mined diamonds. Along with being expensive, natural stones have a complicated history that can make shoppers hesitant to purchase them. Fortunately, there’s an alternative for those seeking bridal jewelry that’s as sustainable as it is breathtaking.

At TDFJ, we’re thrilled to offer Chatham’s lab created diamonds online and in our stores. Not only are lab grown diamonds chemically, physically, and visually identical to stones found in a mine, they also sparkle just as brightly. Wondering what diamond is right for you? Keep reading to discover the many advantages associated with choosing lab grown diamonds over those mined from the ground.

Manufacturing lab grown Diamonds

So, how are lab grown diamonds created anyway? Made from actual carbon atoms arranged in the natural diamond crystal structure, lab created diamonds are manufactured using processes that mimic the conditions that occur in nature. In other words, scientists subject carbon to high temperatures and pressure, a process that results in the growth of a diamond. And because the methods and materials are the same as those found in nature, lab grown diamonds sparkle just as brightly as their natural-grown counterparts.

stunning lab grown diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Mined Diamonds

While lab grown and mined diamonds are virtually identical—machines are necessary to tell them apart. Many people prefer manufactured stones because they’re more sustainable. Not only do lab created diamonds come with a reduced environmental footprint, but they’re also free from the conflict associated with traditional stones. When you purchase a lab grown diamond, you don’t ever have to worry that you’re wearing a blood diamond on your hand.

Why Choose a Lab Grown Diamond

Sustainability is just one reason customers choose lab grown diamonds over the competition. Along with being eco-friendly, man-made diamonds are far more affordable than those found in nature. In fact, you’ll typically spend up to 30 percent less for a stone of the same size, quality, and shine. Additionally, lab grown diamonds are a wise choice for those seeking colored stones in their bridal pieces. In particular, natural pink diamonds are costly, so opting for a lab-made stone is a great way to create your dream engagement ring without breaking the bank.

Another reason lab created diamonds are gaining popularity is that they can seem like the perfect emblem of modern love. Representing technological advancement and ingenuity, these diamonds celebrate everything that makes humanity impressive.

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Discover Lab Grown Engagement Rings at TDFJ

Warren, Ohio’s source for fine jewelry, Thom Duma Jewelers has built a reputation for providing an exceptional selection of engagement rings from all your favorite designers. Additionally, we offer an impeccable array of lab grown diamonds for those shoppers seeking a more sustainable jewelry choice that’s also dazzling. If you have any questions about lab created diamonds or other bridal jewelry, don’t hesitate to contact us online or stop by TDFJ to speak to a diamond specialist.