Timing Is Everything: Watches for a Perfect Valentine’s Date

January 15th, 2023

A couple holding hands wearing matching watches, except one has a white dial and the other has a black dial

Get the timing and the look just right for a Valentine’s Day date by picking a luxury watch that suits the activity, your personality, your style, and the mood of the day. Whether you are headed to a five star restaurant or a local movie theater, we have got you covered with an ideal timepiece. We have put together a guide to some of the styles of timepieces we would suggest for popular Valentine’s Day date spots, all of which we have plenty of stunning examples of in our Thom Duma Fine Jewelers showroom.

A man stretching with his arms over his head. You can see the fine watch on his wrist and mountains in the background

Sports Watch for an Outdoor Date

Outdoorsy couples may want to forego the typical dinner and movie Valentine’s Date for a more adventurous outing. Take your love for a creekside hike or a sun-soaked paddleboarding trip, followed by a picnic and bottle of champagne.

For a type of date like this one, make sure you are prepared for the elements with a sports watch that is at once fashionable and functional outdoors. Sport watches typically are durably built using fine and sturdy materials. These pieces also tend to feature helpful complications, like chronographs.

Dress Watch for a Classic Dinner Date

Choose a dinner date with extra special meaning by taking them to the spot where you went on your very first date, one that you have both been wanting to try, or one that is their all-time favorite. A dinner for two in a nice restaurant offers an opportunity to truly focus on your date, creating memories and enjoying a nice meal and drinks.

Dress to impress your partner with a sleek ensemble that allows you to put your best qualities on display. Select a classy dress watch that will glint and glimmer by candlelight as well as ensure you make it on time for your reservation.

A sunbeam crosses a woman’s face and she closes her eyes as she rests her hands against her face as she sits at a restaurant table. She has a luxury watch, charm bracelet, and gold fashion ring on

Casual Watch for a Relaxed Date

If you and your partner prefer a low-key, relaxed date where the two of you can be your authentic selves, opt for a date like a drive-in, dinner and a film at home, or a night of bowling or roller skating. Focus on having fun and creating memories.

For this type of date, choose a watch that suits the activity appropriately. You would not want to feel overdressed or out of place by choosing a luxurious, diamond-studded watch. A more casual, minimalist watch will be suitable for such a date.

Fashion-Forward Watch for a Date at a Cocktail Bar

Share a night out on the town with your love at a swanky cocktail bar. If you are lucky, you may even find one serving Valentine’s Day themed cocktails to perfectly play up the mood of the date.

Express your unique fashion sense with a trendy, chic timepiece that will show your date how well you can truly clean up. A sparkling, gemstone-studded watch will catch the light every time you bring your glass to your lips.

A man and woman smiling at each other in a field at sunset

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Prepare yourself for a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day date with a designer timepiece that fits your destination. Browse the offering of incredible watches we offer in our Warren jewelry store.

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