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Vibrant Fashion Jewelry for Spring

February 15th, 2022

Spring is a time of renewal. Flowers bloom, animals are born. It is also a reprieve from the cold days of winter. Put your winter wardrobe monotony back into hibernation with bold and colorful jewelry that will warm your style like the sun breaks the ice on a sunny spring day. Gemstone jewelry creates a beautiful palette in your outfits with luxurious items that will shine. Our experts at Thom Duma Fine Jewelers have put together a few of our favorite vibrant pieces of fashion jewelry to wear this spring.

Bold Pendants

After months of extra layers to stay warm, a pendant necklace over a shirt or dress is a great detail that will instantly make an outfit pop. Bold gemstones inlaid in precious metals are subtle enough while still being an intriguing detail that will get noticed.

Spring Rings

Winter requires a stringent hand treatment, largely owing to the use of gloves, dry air, and lotions. When the temperatures finally start to rise, treat yourself to a bright manicure and a vibrant gemstone statement ring. The rich colors of gemstones make for perfect accents for fashion rings and are a great way to leave the dreary days of winter behind for spring to take over.

Fashionable Drops of Color

Warmer weather means more updo hairstyles and short spring haircuts. These styles make a fantastic platform for more intricate drop earrings that you may have kept in your jewelry box throughout winter. Colors imitating flowers are also popular during springtime with the resurgence of nature after the snow and ice melts.

Gems to Layer

The only thing you should need to layer during spring is your style and, possibly, sunscreen. A great way to layer luxurious accessories after shedding winter clothes is a yellow gold station necklace with vibrant gemstones. The warm tone to the yellow gold reflects the sun well and gives you a golden aura to carry through your day.

Warm Up with a Gemstone Bangle

Necklaces are not the only place to layer during spring with an amazing assortment of different bracelets to decorate your no longer covered arms. Mix and match styles for fun outfits for various occasions. A gold bangle or cuff are fantastic staple items to build a look off of, or to take the mainstage depending on the style you are after.

Explore Spring Fashion Jewelry at Thom Duma Fine Jewelers

We at Thom Duma Fine Jewelers look forward to assisting you to find the most beautiful fashion jewelry for spring. With over 100 years in the industry, our family is truly dedicated to providing the best customer service along with the finest luxury jewelry and timepieces to Warren, Ohio. Our trained staff is more than capable of repairing your watches and your jewelry to pristine condition. Contact us with any questions you may have on your jewelry shopping journey, and make sure to browse our website as well as visit our lovely showroom.