Watch Complications to Seek Out

September 15th, 2022

Watch complications add to both the visual interest and the functionality of a timepiece. There is a myriad of complication types to appeal to people with different lifestyles, needs, and aesthetic preferences. It is important to familiarize yourself with the further complications available to determine your essential functions before you begin shopping. Our Thom Duma Fine Jewelers experts have put together this guide to some of the most sought-after watch complications.

Day-Date Complications

This is one of the more common and basic complications of a watch. As the name suggests, it displays the day of the week and the date. This complication makes it easy to simply glance at your watch to be reminded of the day or date while signing a document, scheduling an appointment, etc.

Perpetual Calendar

A perpetual calendar complication is much less common as it is the most complex calendar complication a watch can have. At once, it displays the day, date, month, and year and can even take leap years into account. This is important because if the watch stays wound, it won’t ever have to be manually adjusted.


A chronograph is a handy tool for a timepiece, especially for those with active lifestyles. This complication serves as a stopwatch that operates independently of the time-telling mechanism of the watch. They are typically characterized by a pusher on the side of the watch’s case that allows the wearer to start, stop, and return the chronograph to zero, an additional secondhand and minute sub-dial.

Moonphase Complication

The moonphase is one of the rarer complications a watch can have. This function was initially developed for sailors, helping them gauge the tides' direction. For many watch collectors, though, it is an attractive aesthetic addition to their luxury accessories. The moonphase complication will indicate whether it is a full, half, quarter, or new moon.

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Frequent travelers or those that work closely with colleagues or clients in different timezones will benefit greatly from the GMT or Greenwich Mean Time complication. This complication allows the wearer to tell the time in another time zone. GMTs function in a few different ways, one being two separate dials, another being a 24-hour hand or rotating bezel. Determine the time in another time zone with ease and accuracy every time.

Power Reserve Indicator

A power reserve indicator allows the wearer to determine the amount of power remaining in the watch by the amount of tension in the watch’s mainspring. This complication is found exclusively on mechanical watches, alerting the wearer that the watch needs to be wound. Knowing the power of your watch is essential because the watch could die without you knowing and make you miss appointments, arrive late to meetings, etc., until you realize the watch is no longer ticking.

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