What Gemstone is Right for You’

February 15th, 2023

Woman with hand across her geode necklace wearing an antique aquamarine ring

When you are choosing a piece of jewelry, there are several different options that you could pick. Among precious and semi-precious gemstones, there are a multitude of colorful stones that can enhance and maximize your style. No matter if you choose the gem because of its color or other significant symbolism you hold for it, our team at Thom Duma Fine Jewelers will be happy to guide you through a gorgeous selection of gemstone jewelry that will be fantastic for you. Explore our gemstone guide to find some vibrant pieces that may speak to your aesthetic.


An amethyst is an iconic gemstone that sports many purple shades ranging from light lavender to deep violet. It is the birthstone of February. Amethyst has a fascinating history. The Ancient Greeks believed it could prevent drunkenness and often drank from amethyst vessels. Its name even comes from the Greek words for “not intoxicated.” While this belief is not true, what is true is that amethyst is beautiful and enchanting.

Four marquise rubies meeting at the middle with a diamond in the center along with diamonds between the rubies for a flower pendant effect


The ruby has long inspired the imagination. Its fanciful red hue, luxurious luster, and bold chic have established the gemstone as a symbol of royalty and passion. Rubies are the birthstone of July. These gems range in color from purplish-red to scarlet. Spinel and red garnets are occasionally sold as rubies, but they can’t imitate the pure vibrance of these precious gems.

This Zeghani Precious Stone necklace is an eccentric but chic pendant. The rubies are cut in a pear shape and accentuated by brilliant diamonds. A hint of white gold further elevates the scarlet gems, resulting in a peerlessly spectacular shine.

Sapphire accented white gold beaded cuff with diamond halos around the dark blue gems


Sophisticated and elegant, sapphires are best known for their blue hue. However, they come in a variety of colors from yellow to pink. Colorless synthetic sapphire crystal is often used in high-end timepieces, as it is scratch proof and durable. This jewel is the birthstone for those born in September. Sapphire’s name is derived from a French word for a Roman word for a Greek word for a Hebrew word. Some think the Hebrew word derives itself from Sanskrit, which roughly translates to “Sacred to Saturn.”

The Gabriel & Co. Bujukan bracelet exhibits beautiful blue sapphires surrounded by dazzling diamonds. In the cuff style, the band is made of 14k white gold beading. This sapphire cuff is adept as an accessory to ensure an intriguing, luxurious touch.


Lending its name to any object that resembles its striking color, turquoise has been favored across multiple cultures for several generations. The sky blue to blue-green stones are found in more arid areas of the world with Turkey, Iran, and Egypt being ancient sources while modernly places like Arizona lead the production along with New Mexico, California, and Colorado in the United States. Turquoise is one of December’s birthstones, and many people enjoy wearing these unique stones. The range of color and style that these gems can portray will always make them favorites to some.


Onyx is a bold and sleek stone that comes in several colors, but it is most famous in black. Its red variety is known as sardonyx. Onyx has long been used in jewelry with the first pieces appearing in Ancient Egypt and Greece. There are many superstitions surrounding this mineral. Romans believed that it would give them courage in battle, while Persians thought that it could alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy. The deep black facets of this remarkable stone are phenomenal in addition to other colorful stones, or a fantastic and minimalistic detail to precious metal jewelry.

A close-up of an intricate pearl and quartz drop earring worn with the woman’s hair swept bank it’s a clip

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