Women's Wedding Bands



Characteristics of Ladies' Wedding Bands

While many wedding rings are unisex, certain styles are designed with women in mind. The easiest way to tell ladies' wedding bands from men’s is to look at the width. Most women’s rings are much more narrow and dainty than men’s rings. Women are more likely to choose a brightly polished finish over a duller matte finish or dark metal. A shiny metal is flashier and more feminine than a darker one like tungsten. Women's wedding rings are also more likely to be decorated with diamonds than men’s bands. The solid circle of diamonds around an eternity band symbolizes a wife's eternal love for her husband.

Popular Ladies' Wedding Band Collections at Thom Duma Fine Jewelers

TACORI handcrafts popular, conflict-free bridal jewelry. Interlocking half-moons create their signature design element, the crescent. Several ladies' wedding band collections, like the Classic and Petite Crescents, are designed to prominently feature the signature arcs. The Reverse Crescent bands invert the arcs for a lacy, feminine appearance. The Romanian word for lace, "dantela," is the name of TACORI's collection with romantic Old World flair. Ribbon collection bands feature interwoven shanks that look like diamond ribbons and bows. Brides who believe bigger is better love the ostentatious RoyalT bands. Thick ropes of specially cut diamonds make regal wedding rings.

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