Guide to Modern Engagement Ring Styles

There are many engagement ring styles out there, each carefully designed to cater to a myriad of tastes. Jewelry makers have been innovating for centuries, creating a nearly limitless variety. Modern engagement ring styles are creative and eccentric, taking inspiration from vintage looks and reinventing them with a contemporary approach. Our team has put together a guide to some of the modern engagement rings available in our Thom Duma Fine Jewelers showroom.

Hidden Halos Engagement Rings

The halo, a layer of diamonds surrounding the center stone, is a timeless, classic setting. They lend an extraordinary amount of light to an already bright dazzling center stone, ensuring a truly spectacular display. One of jewelry’s newest trends, hidden halos set the center stone on top of the setting. This allows the halo to be visible from beneath, providing a more intriguing look for the side profile.

Oval Cut Halo Rings

An elegant alternative to the classic round, the oval cut diamond has a slender silhouette. It is almost as brilliant as its more popular cohort. However, its wide surface area reflects light in a distinctive regal way. Surrounded by an enchanting radiant halo of diamond fire, it evokes an unusual yet chic spectacle.

Split Shank Rings

The split shank ring has a vintage and romantic aesthetic. In this style, the band parts into two or more bands. Their complex appearance attracts the eye and is further bolstered through the addition of diamond settings. Some have glamorous diamond paves to weave an exquisite and unique floral pattern while others rely on metal work for their designs.

Bezel Engagement Rings

Most engagement rings use prongs to secure their gemstones. While this allows the viewer to see every facet, the ubiquity of prongs can be off-putting to those who want something more unusual. The bezel secures the gemstone by surrounding it with precious metal. Not only does this provide an overall more secure mount, but a bezel engagement ring also evokes a striking, modern aesthetic.

Intertwining Engagement Rings

These marvelous rings do not have just one band, but multiple intertwined with one another. This creates a gorgeous yarn or vine-like look. Some use contrasting precious metals to create a breathtakingly bold appearance, such as white and yellow gold. Depending on the band’s silhouette, an intertwining engagement ring can have a rustic, nature-inspired, or modern aesthetic.

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