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Natural Diamonds Vs. Lab-Created

Buying diamond jewelry, especially engagement rings, is a significant investment that you should carefully consider before purchasing. Naturally mined diamonds and lab-created diamonds are both beautiful and have positive qualities. Each has its own pros and cons. Our guide helps break down both of these diamonds’ similarities and differences to allow you to make the most informed decision.  

Characteristics of Natural Diamonds

Diamonds form from millions (in some cases, billions) of years of pressure and intense temperatures far beneath the earth’s surface. They are an incredibly brilliant phenomenon made possible by volcanic activity. It takes intense labor to unearth these beautiful stones, and diamond recovery has declined in recent years. Natural diamonds are rare and more valuable than their lab-created counterparts. The unique story behind this precious stone is enough to elevate any outfit. 

How are Lab Created Diamonds Made?

Advances in technology have made diamond jewelry more sustainable and attainable. Also referred to as cultured diamonds, the process starts in a highly-controlled laboratory environment that replicates the pressure and temperatures required to crystallize carbon into diamonds. Chemically and visually identical to the diamonds pulled from the earth, these created diamonds are affordable, which will allow you to buy an even larger center stone than you may have been able to with a natural diamond. 

What are the Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Accessible luxury that is more sustainable for our planet is vital for luxury jewelry to continue to thrive. Lab-created diamonds can help. With a lab-created diamond, you can be sure that you will be able to afford an ethically-sourced show-stopping ring or piece of jewelry. Chemically and visually identical to a natural diamond, these lab-created counterparts allow everyone to have a ring that sparkles and glitters. However, they lack a uniqueness that makes diamonds romantic.

Why Choose a Naturally-Mined Diamond?

There are only a finite amount of natural diamonds still in the earth’s crust or have already been discovered. As diamond recovery continues to decline, natural diamonds' rarity and value will only increase. Every mined diamond has a unique origin story, adding to the sentimentality of the piece. Owning luxurious natural diamonds is a sophisticated statement about your style and the standards you adhere to. 

Which Diamond is Right for You?

No matter whether you choose a lab-created or a natural diamond, both selections will be exquisite when utilized by sought-after designers. The rarity and value of natural diamonds are a better investment to some, while sparkling lab-created designs may be more favorable to others. Natural-mined diamonds have a romantic, sentimental value that their laboratory-grown alternatives can’t equal.  The piece that is right for you depends on the aspects that are most important to you. 

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