where to propose in ohio

Asking someone to marry you is one of the most important questions you'll ever ask. Remember that your significant other has probably been daydreaming about this event for most of their life. Just imagine: The way you ask the question and where you do it will be remembered forever. No pressure, though! We're here to offer some suggestions about making the most of your proposal.

Match the Location to Your Relationship

If big, elaborate and outgoing aren't descriptions of your relationship, you might be better off proposing on a casual walk through a local park or on your college campus if it's nearby. On the other hand, if you have a large group of friends who can be trusted to keep a secret, it might be fun to include them in your plans. After your partner says "yes" (we hope), you could have family members step forward from out of the trees if you choose to propose at Hayden Falls (below) or from behind the exhibits at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (also below), holding "Congratulations" signs or carrying single roses that they present to your future spouse. There are so many ways to propose in Ohio. Your first step will be to determine if it's a private or public event.

The perfect proposal in Ohio can set the stage for a long-lasting marriage. In most cases, you've already discussed marriage a bit, so the actual fact that yo're asking shouldn't be a surprise. How and when you do it, on the other hand, is where you can get creative and make a memory that you'll both be talking about for years to come. If you want to create a memorable proposal story, you'll want to consider some of the most romantic places to propose in Ohio.

The most important things to do before you propose are to get the perfect ring and decide where and when the proposal should take place. Keep in mind that your partner will reminisce about this moment for the rest of your lives, so pick a place where you'll both feel comfortable and that has meaning to your relationship. But just because you go to the gym together every day for a workout doesn't necessarily make this a great spot for a proposal, especially if you'll be sweaty and self-conscious.

Choose a location that allows your partner to look and feel their best, especially if you'll be in public while you ask for their hand.

Most brides-to-be say that their ideal place to get engaged is at one of the following locations:

  1. A recreation of your first date
  2. A landmark that holds special meaning to you both
  3. A vacation getaway 

By the time you're ready to propose, you should be able to figure out what your significant other's favorite places and pastimes are, which gives you a perfect opportunity to get down on one knee in a spot that holds significant meaning to your relationship. If you're proposing at a formal location, you might want to hire a photographer to capture the special moment or invite family and friends to witness the event.

If you're ready to pledge your love to someone in Ohio, you have tons of options for finding the perfect proposal spot right within the state. Ohio is a geographically diverse state with low-lying plains, a Great Lakes shoreline, beautiful cities and mountain foothills. This diversity provides residents of the state with a multitude of opportunities for romantic spots. There's probably even a small local park with a walking trail or a great restaurant near your house that would work just fine. But if you are looking for something different, look no further.

Deciding how to propose in Ohio is almost as important as picking out the perfect engagement ring. Whether you are looking for a secluded spot or want to make your proposal public for everyone to see, we've got you covered with our list of the top 16 Ohio proposal spots.

Romantic Proposals in Nature

Ohio is rich in state parks, hiking trails and nature centers that provide intimate locations for just the two of you. If you'd like to propose in private, maybe with a picnic lunch or some quiet stargazing, here are some Ohio proposal ideas that might interest you:

  • The Lake Milton Gazebo. Located about 10 miles from Youngstown, Lake Milton is a 1,685-acre reservoir that's a popular spot for boating, fishing and wildlife-watching. A recently built boardwalk leads out onto a beautiful gazebo overlooking the water. While this spot might not be private during the height of fishing season, it provides spectacular views of the entire lake. It's also a great spot for birdwatching. 

lake milton proposals

  • Hayden Falls. Although only two small acres in Dublin (just outside of Columbus), Dublin Falls feels to many visitors feel like they're in a secluded forest. An accessible staircase leads down to a viewing area just in front of the falls. Simultaneously gorgeous and semi-private, it's a good idea to visit the falls by yourself a few days before your intended proposal since the water level can vary. There's nothing more unromantic than a bunch of dry rocks in the middle of a drought. Occasionally, the noise from the falls is so loud that it's difficult to hear other people speak. The last thing you want is to film a proposal where you have to keep repeating the question.
  • Edgewater Beach Park. With sweeping views of downtown Cleveland, Edgewater Beach is for people who enjoy participating in outdoor activities, not just watching them. Edgewater has a beach, boat rentals, a fishing pier, and a number of aquatic activities. If you're thinking of proposing at Edgewater Beach during the summer, consider renting a private cabana along the beach for ultimate privacy. Although the park closes at dusk, special events sometimes take place in the evening, so if a nighttime beach proposal is what you have in mind, contact the park at 216-635-3304 to find out more about their activities and to see if they can help you plan the perfect proposal.
  • The Scioto Mile. It's hard to classify the Scioto Mile as a true nature center since it's located in the heart of Columbus, but this connected system of 145 acres of parks, riverfronts, hiking paths and fountains is a favorite getaway spot for the nearby residents. With arts and musical festivals hosted here all year long, you're sure to find something that speaks to the unique nature of your relationship, which would provide a perfect backdrop for a proposal. And, since dogs are welcome in the park, this is a great opportunity for a proposal that includes a four-legged best friend. Just tie the engagement ring onto the dog's collar, hunker down at the amphitheater and wait for your partner to discover it. Or, hide the ring somewhere along the bike path (with a trusted friend nearby but out of sight to keep an eye on it) and take your significant other on a cycling adventure with a well-planned stop along the way.

scioto mile proposal

  • Mill Creek Park. This 12-acre urban garden tucked into Youngstown has indoor and outdoor venues located among their seasonal displays, which you can reserve for privacy during your proposal. Or, you can incorporate some of the park's public events, like yoga classes or their golf course, to plan an entire day of activities leading up to your question.

Museum Proposals in Ohio

Ohio is not short on museum experiences, ranging from your typical - but extraordinary - art galleries to one-of-a-kind treasuries that draw in visitors from across the world. If you decide to propose at one of these attractions, your private moment will likely be viewed by hundreds of other people, but if you and your partner have a special attachment to one of these Ohio engagement spots, it will be a moment to remember forever. Here's a list of three of the state's top museums to consider as Ohio engagement ideas:

  • The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Based in Cleveland, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame hosts exhibitions that cover the entire history of rock, from Elvis to Green Day. If music is important to your significant other (say they play an instrument or sing in a band), this might be a perfect way to include their particular interests in your proposal. If you met at a Beatles-themed party, imagine stopping in front of The Beatles exhibit and dropping down on one knee as your partner looks at John Lennon's own piano. It would be hard to not find at least one display at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that speaks to the importance of your relationship. You also might find the perfect wedding song while taking in the vast catalogue of music. And the museum also hosts weddings, so you could get married at the same place where you proposed.

rock and roll hall of fame proposal

  • The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Although the beauty of the Gardens is enough, there are many hidden gems at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, from year-round nature-based exhibitions to special events like holiday foliage displays in the winter, an orchid exhibit in January and a live butterfly release in the spring. Proposing in the aptly named Bride's Garden may tip your significant other off to your intentions, but it will also provide the perfect backdrop to your question and, when the time comes, can also host your wedding reception later.
  • The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Although a zoo might not be an obvious place to stage a proposal in Ohio, many of the special annual events lend themselves as a perfect setting for popping the question. Their winter festival, Wildlights, is held around the holidays and is both beautiful and romantic. The festival includes an ice skating rink, which can be the perfect start or finish to a date night. The Columbus Zoo has also been known to help out with proposals, so you might be able to get them to set up a special area just for the two of you. 

Restaurant Proposals in Ohio

Proposing to your loved one at a restaurant is at the top of most people's lists, but it has to be planned carefully. If the restaurant is overly crowded or if the food on the night's menu isn't to your partner's liking, the whole night could be disastrous. And, although it might seem like a good idea, don't put the ring inside a glass of chocolate mousse or have the waiter hide it under the umbrella of a cocktail. When your partner sees the ring, they'll want to immediately put it on, not separate it and clean it off. Presenting a formal covered dish that contains nothing but the ring box is the best way to do it.

If one of the following restaurants is on your personal list of the best places to propose in Ohio, it can be a night to remember.

  • Viaduct Lounge. Formerly known as Pont Vecchio and located in Cleveland, this is easily considered a top-notch restaurant with the best views overlooking the Cuyahoga River. The Viaduct Lounge is a fancy romantic eatery, featuring high-end Italian food with romantic mood lighting and soft music. Since the restaurant is closed on Sundays and may have limited seating other nights of the week, be sure to call ahead for reservations (216-556-8200) so you're not waiting a long time for a seat.
  • Chez Francois. Located in Vermilion, Chez Francois has some of the best social media ratings in the greater Cleveland area. This French-based restaurant is also at the top of most "Best Romantic Restaurants" lists. The candlelit dining room overlooks the lake and provides a cozy, romantic backdrop to a wedding proposal.
  • Leo's Ristorante. Featuring the best Italian food in the area set in an elegant dining experience, Leo's Ristorante in Warren will set the stage for an unforgettable proposal. An extensive wine list and on-staff special event help will enable you to craft a unique engagement.

leos ristorante proposal

  • Vernon's Cafe. Located in Niles, Vernon's Cafe offers a wide selection of fine dining with both Italian cuisine and American specialties. Their reputation extends well beyond the borders of Trumbull County, as they've hosted nationally recognized chefs and have been given national awards for their wine list. Vernon's also has banquet rooms, so you can have your wedding reception at the spot where you got engaged - a perfect way to bring both events together.
  • Springfield Grille. With a romantic dining room that holds up to 40 people, you can invite family and friends to your proposal under the guise of simply hosting a special dinner and then surprise your partner with the ring in front of everyone. This American steakhouse in Boardman also has a Sunday Champagne Brunch if you'd rather pop the question in the morning.
  • Caffe Capri. A bit less formal than the other restaurants on our list, Caffe Capri is a family tradition around Boardman and a winner of many Reader's Choice awards. Private dining with fine china is available in the dining rooms, which can later host your reception.

Sporting Events

If your spouse-to-be is a sports fan, there's really no better place to get engaged than at a professional or collegiate sporting event in Ohio. A public proposal that might get broadcast on live television is a perfect experience for an outgoing couple that wants the world to know how much they are in love.

  • The Cleveland Indians. The Indians play from April to October at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Although an independent marriage proposal is technically not permitted, you can sign up for an official proposal package, complete with your names up on the scoreboard, by calling the Indians Fan Services department at 216-420-HITS (4487).
  • Ohio State Football. If you're a student or alum at Ohio State, there's no better setting for your proposal than a Buckeyes home game at Ohio Stadium. With the football team's national ranking in recent years, a football-based engagement will mark the beginning of a successful relationship. Your best bet is to contact the alumni association in advance so you can coordinate some special events around you and your significant other. If you plan it well enough, you might be able to get some members of the marching band or even Brutus Buckeye to help with your proposal.

Before you propose, it's imperative to pick out the perfect ring. This can be a difficult decision, but the experts at Thom Duma Fine Jewelers in Warren are ready to help. From choosing the best diamond to determining the correct ring size, the associates at Thom Duma have all the resources available to make your special moment that much more special. Contact us to learn more or to get expert advice on the best place to propose in Ohio.