Information on Ring Averages

Unfortunately, people don’t have printers installed in their hand where a receipt of ring size can be immediately collected. However, mathematics tells us that whenever you have a list of multiple numbers (such as ring size), there’s a single number, derived from that list, that can be used as a representative for those numbers. Ring sizes aren’t exempt from that mathematical truth, and in the United States, biologists have found that there’s not only an average ring size for people, there’s an average ring size for women and one for men.

The average ring size for women is a size 7 (in US and Canadian sizes), and for men, it’s 10. But while those numbers are the “centrally located” size between many different data points, it’d be a mistake to assume that the average is accurate for everybody—or even the lion’s share of people! When searching for information on ring averages, it’s important to know that every hand is different. Dominant hands tend to be slightly larger than their weaker counterpart; phalanges and knuckle sizes can vary between individuals; and biological changes, like pregnancy, can alter ring size as well.

Finding the Right Ring Size for You

From this, you can see that relying on folklore about certain physical traits being associated with ring size isn’t a good way to go. We discuss this topic in more depth on our page dealing about finding the accurate ring size, but it’s important to understand that the only way to find a person’s ring size is by measuring their finger or comparing a pre-existing ring with a template. If you’re able to get a measurement using a tool, that’s ideal, but there’s no issue with borrowing a ring and bringing it in to Thom Duma Fine Jewelers so that our professional team can offer their advice about which size may be right for your proposal or gift!

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