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Solitaire Engagement Rings



Characteristics of Solitaire Rings

Continuing to be one of the most popular engagement ring styles, the solitaire engagement ring is a simple concept that has been brought to new and exciting levels. Solitaire rings are most notable for their clean look of a single diamond or gemstone set or placed on a ring. Solitaire engagement rings consist of two things, a diamond and the setting. This setting can vary from classic prong to more intricate types like channel. A solitaire rings variation can come in its multitude of metal types available, as well as the intricate metalwork done to them. Available in a host of metal types, you can find solitaire bands in both white and yellow gold, as well as the durable platinum. At Thom Duma Fine Jewelers, we carry solitaire engagement rings from a host of today's top designer brands.

Collections of Solitaire Rings Available

Some of our most popular collections of solitaire engagement rings include those designed by esteemed designer Gabriel & Co. With every Gabriel & Co. piece crafted by hand, they take great care in constructing only the most well designed pieces with extravagant metalwork in each solitaire band. Get piece of mind with Gabriel & Co., with each piece engraved with a unique ID to help identify and track your jewelry piece. See solitaire rings in their distinguished Contemporary and classical Victorian Collection. Also available are the rings by California-based designer TACORI. The artisan handcrafted pieces are noted by their signature crescent silhouette which is defined by the interlocking half-moon arcs. The solitaire bands found in their Coastal Crescent, Simply TACORI, RoyalT, and Dantela collections combine the classic solitaire design with TACORI's detailed jewelry-making elements.

Also available are the bands by another California based designer Michael M. These pieces found in their Love and Europa collection are highlighted by their hallmark U-set which requires master craftsmen and expert diamond-setters to accomplish, but allows the diamond to be view-able from every possible angle. Also available at Thom Duma Fine Jewelers are collections by Amavida, HL Mfg.

Why Shop Thom Duma Fine Jewelers?

With our history stretching back some 115 years, we have been in the industry providing quality jewelry pieces with exceptional service. We are the go-to jeweler in Warren, Ohio. Our jewelry expert team is dedicated to helping you find the jewelry pieces of your dreams and are so confident that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When looking for a solitaire engagement ring, check out our lifetime bridal warranty so you have peace of mind. We also offer free shipping to those in the Lower 48. Our storied history is well-noted, and our family-run business has been treating all visitors like a member of the Thom Duma family for years. Meet our team and find the dream ring for you to pop the big question.