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Is it Time to Buy Your Wedding Band’

October 15th, 2021

Although it may be tempting to wait until the last minute to search for the right wedding band, the process might take longer than you expect. The major details, such as the venue for the ceremony and reception and the invitations, take precedence. However, once those are finalized, you and your partner need to prioritize your wedding bands. As symbols of your commitment to one another, as well as pieces of jewelry you will wear for the rest of your lives, your wedding bands should be carefully selected and well-loved. Here are our tips for finding the wedding band of your dreams on schedule.

Purchasing the Band

Whether you’re a fan of surprises and want to shop for bands alone, or want to use shopping with your significant other as a pre-wedding activity, there are countless ways to shop for your dream wedding band. If you’re hoping to skip changes due to a wrong size or style, consider shopping together. If you want the romance and spontaneity of seeing your ring when you say “I do'' consider surprising each other! Just ensure you leave enough time for customizations, resizing, and any other necessary adjustments.

Tips for Buying your Wedding Band

If you want to be unique in your band choice, or are unsure of the style you love, do the 20-year test. Consider what this ring might look like to you in 20 years. You’ll have many holidays, events, and functions that you’ll be wearing your ring to. Though rings with unique features can be a great choice, ask yourself if this is what you’ll want to wear forever. When selecting the bride's ring, think about any details you might want to add such as engravings or embellishments, and before purchasing, be sure you’ve gotten every detail realized before saying “yes” to your wedding bands. You’ll want to choose something you’ll want to wear constantly as the band is meant to symbolize your forever.

Don’t Rush the Purchase

Although it may be tempting to purchase the first ring you see or to wait until the very last minute to buy your ring, take the time to find the right style and jeweler. Shop online first to see what styles stand out to you. Then, find a local jeweler and try rings on. Even if you don’t plan to purchase that day, get a feel for what you like. Go alone, or as a couple and try on multiple rings and his and her bands early on in your planning. If you start shopping sooner, you may also be able to find sales or deals on rings that may have been full price later on.

Find a Jeweler You Love

Before you think about purchasing your ring, do your research on your jeweler. Shop around and look for jewelers who have the best warranty and will go out of their way to take care of you and your ring. Before making your purchase, ask your jeweler about costs for the unpredictable like replacements and adjustments, or about insurance for your band. Don’t settle!

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